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Policy of Student Grievance Redressal Cell

The Student’s Grievance Redressal Cell maintains unprejudiced educational atmosphere in the campus.



1. To solve the student’s academic and administrative problems
2. To understand the problems of the students and help redress their problems
3. To assist the students and the officials to solve the problems


Students Grievance Redressal Cell plays an important role to solve the problems between the student and staff of the College. If the student feels that he or she is treated
unfairly, he/she can directly write to student’s Grievance Redressal Cell. He/She can put complaint in the complaint box placed in the College. Then, the cell puts that written complaint in the meeting. The Cell understands the nature of the grievance. The matter of discussion is kept secret. If the grievance is related between the students and the officials, they will be allowed to express their views before Student’s Grievance Redressal Cell. After discussing the matter in the meeting, the cell prepares a final report of the grievance and submits to the Principal. Then the course of action will be taken and the same will be intimated to the students. This process will be completed within 15 days.

Student Grievance Redressal Committee

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Dr. Gholkar D. R.  Chairman
2 Shri. Abhijeet A. Lobhe Local Governing Council Member
3 Prof.  Chikate V.D. Faculty Representative.
4 Mr. Jagdish Patil Representative of NGO
5 Prof. Kotanur R.M. Member
6 Prof. Nikam S. A.            Member
7 Prof. Tunge V. A. Member
8 Prof. Patre R. S. Member
9 Prof. Nikam R. D. Member
10 Mr. Prasad Jadhav Student Representative