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Hon. Shri. Satish Chavan
M.S.P. Mandal, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar


As the General Secretary of Marathwada Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, I welcomes all the students who want to take admission in this College. In 2014, I took over the responsibility of this Sanstha which generally has more than 150 Schools and Colleges.

The idea came to me that a College of this Sanstha, for the children of farmers and laborers in the rural area, should be located in Lohara, a Taluka known as an earthquake-prone area of ​​Dharashiv (Osmanabad) district, which is educationally, socially and economically backward.

In fact, it is earthquake prone area but also drought prone too. Earthquakes left the roofs over many people’s heads, while persistent drought and barrenness drove the peasantry and the working class deeper into poverty. This college has been established for the economic, social and educational empowerment of the people here, keeping in mind the need that if they want to get out of this, a person in the house should become an employee or a good entrepreneur.

At the same time, the education level of girls in this area is very low. It is a matter of happiness for me that today, due to the bus facility in this college, girls are also pursuing higher education side by side with boys and this has also helped in reducing the earlier rate of child marriage.

Today, we are providing immediate employment to the students graduating from our College through MoUs with various National and International Companies. Our entire teaching staff is working round the clock to achieve our aim that the student who comes out of this college should not only come out with a degree but also be independent thinking and self-reliant. A digital class room has been arranged to prepare doctors and engineers even from rural areas and through this our students are getting guidance from expert teachers from all over the country.

We are always striving for all-round development of students in rural areas like art, literature, sports and culture.

I appeal to all of us to take full advantage of all these facilities provided by the College and make your future bright. Thank you!